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"Beachy-Keen" : 8 things I learned having a photo shoot at the beach.

Hey guys!

This past weekend I had an AMAZING time taking new photos for my website and social media. The big photo shoot I wanted was of me in a gorgeous flowy recital gown on the white sands of the emerald coast. I LOVE the beach. It's one of my favorite places to go: Just a full day of nothing but swimming, reading trashy novels, and frozen margaritas?! Count me in!

This was my first photo shoot with a beach setting. There were somethings that I planned for and others I totally didn't think of. As I am personally taking notes, I want to pass my thoughts along to you.

Photo Courtesy of P.S Photography

1. Expect to be the weirdo at the beach in a recital gown. You will get stares but that's what you want on Instagram and your website, right? If you get self conscious, just imagine that everyone is in their underwear- because they are, because that's what beachwear is.

2. Bring on the Chiffon! My blue dress had extra fabric to flow in the wind but when I got to the beach I realized I needed more! MUCH MORE!! I imagined that my flowy dress was enough to cover the whole beach that a family of four could picnic on it feet away. Next time I take these pictures, I will choose a gown that has alot more fabric to flow. Recital dress shopping date anyone?

3. It is windy at the beach. (duh!) If you don't want your hair to blow in the wind like a damsel in a romance novel cover, find a hairstyle that won't move! Choose an updo or a hairstyle that requires enough hairspray that you need to wear a "Danger: Flammable" sticker around people. If you choose to wear your hair down to flow in the wind just know that the hair WILL be in your face. Bring a brush or any other styling tools you need in between shots.

4. There is sand...EVERYWHERE!!! (double duh!) In the words of Anakin Skywalker, "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere." Be prepared for the sweeping and vacuuming clean up afterward as well as the dry cleaning of your gown.

5. Think about the time of day and season that you want your photos shot. My photos were taken around 3pm in the winter. Honestly I didn't think about how the time of day would affect my pictures. I am an artist, not a photographer. You can discuss with your photographer what time works for best for you and your vision. Also let's talk about the weather. I am the fairest of them all. Which means I am the first to sunburn in the summer. Sun protection is extremely important to your health but you want sun protection that won't run. The same goes for makeup. I preferred that a beach photo shoot be done in winter. It wasn't a hot day (It's Florida, Winter means 60 degrees) and that means my makeup and deodorant were able to stay put. Also, there are less people on the beach in the wintertime, which means you can look like the siren you are on a private paradise island.

Photo Courtesy of P.S Photography

6. Bring a dress you don't care about getting dirty. One thing about me. I love buying gowns but I love them more when they are on super clearance! The blue gown I wore for this shoot? $30 at JC Penney! At the end of the shoot I got in the water and started splashing around. Not only was that fun but my photographer shot awesome action shots. I suggest looking at thrift stores or ask if any friends are getting rid of gowns. You know you want to get in the water and live your beautiful mermaid dreams.

6.5 Bring dry clothes. If you are playing in the water nothing is more fun than the drive home in wet clothes. Bring a plastic bag to put wet items in, cozy comfortable clothes, dry shoes, and don't forget to bring a pair of socks (your toesies will thank you).

7. You will be interrupted. Whether its a dude asking you "Is that your cooler" or....WAIT....

IS THAT A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!

You are most likely on a public beach with the public. People will be curious about what you are doing but so would you if you were in their sandals. Most people will leave you alone and if they don't, just tell them to leave you alone and walk away. Just go with the flow (oh, beach puns).

8. Have fun! (again, duh!) I get it. If you are a recovering perfectionist like me it is so easy to be wrapped up in, "Am I right?", "Did I choose the right makeup/gown/earrings/shoes/setting/etc?", "Do I look good in any of these pictures?", "Is the only good thing about this shoot just the puppy?". Look at the big picture and repeat after me. "I'm Awesome! I am here at the beach in a recital gown and I am GORGEOUS! My photos are going to look awesome because I planned them to be awesome. It is my photographer's job to capture me being awesome because baby, I am just born this way! I am WAAAYYY better off being here and being productive than anything else." Don't let that little Diva talk you out of things you want to do - because she doesn't exist.

Guys! I had so much fun at my photo shoot. Mostly because it was what I planned it to be. I will be doing another beach photo shoot the next time I get pictures done. Did you have a beach photo shoot and do you have any tips and tricks for me that worked for you? Let me know!

I want to thank my photographer Peggy at P.S Photography for her creativity, her time, and patience with this Diva! Photos Courtesy of P.S Photography. You can book her at

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