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The Music (Wo)Man

Brittany Luberda sings all of the songs from Meredith Willson's The Music Man in a online project adoringly called, "The Music (Wo)Man".


"The Sadder But Wiser Girl" Female Cover (The Music Man)  FT. Brittany Luberda
"It's You" (The Music Man) One-Woman-Barbershop-Quartet FT. Brittany Luberda
"Marian The Librarian" Female Cover (The Music Man) Featuring Brittany Luberda
"Sincere" One-Woman-Barber Shop Quartet (The Music Man) FT. Brittany Luberda



Harold Hill

Brittany Luberda


Marcellus Washburn

Brittany Luberda

Brittany Luberda Headshot

Marian Paroo

Brittany Luberda


Townsperson #4

Brittany Luberda


Special Thanks

Thank you to my After Effects Mentor Evan C. Abrams, who would translate the incoherent words of my vision into programing and animation. Thank you for teaching me even when you knew it was too advanced for me at the time.

"Shipoopi" Choreography by: Heidi Malnar and Josh Walden. Thank you to Stacy Bernard and Madison Montgomery. Thank you to my neighbors for building the dance set in our backyard.

Thank you to Jeanne Everson for designing my logo.

Dedicated to my husband, Robert. My someone, my white knight. Thank you for supporting me through this process and motivating me to complete it. You believe in me and you give me courage.

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